The Baron Drachenheim and His *DELETED* Ladies.

Chapter 5: The Cast of NPC's Doubles in One Session!

An Improvised Play at Politics...

Thean Calendar     1684, Secundus 8, Veldi

Our Heroes wake and can think of nothing else than the ball Logan Sieger invited them to tonight.   Armin recommends a same-day tailor on the other side of town and they are off to acquire some proper attire worthy of a noble engagement.  On the way Eilísh's eye catches a rocky shoreline where the local children (street urchins and parented children alike) play and swim in the river.  She sees a girl swimming faster than all the others.  Too fast… Inhumanely fast…  Just as Eilísh glances in her direction, the young girl stops, stands up out of the water, and turns to stare back directly at Eilísh.  Their eyes meet for a moment, then the girl jumps back in the water and swims out of sight.

Lucia, Eilísh, and Lorenz are fitted at the tailor for "tactical" noblewear, and Lucia springs for a few additional sets of suitable clothes for everyone since they are still wearing the only clothng they had on the island.

The Heroes split up for the rest of the day; Lucia orders some beds worthy of a Manor for everyone (including Armin!) using her seemingly endless trickle of Wealth.  Lorenz visits his guild hall and speaks with his Master, Wencill Von Brahms.  Eilísh checks in with the Avalon embassy and registers as a visitor to Freiburg with the immigration office.  She sees no other notable Avalon names currently in town.  She then patrols through Freiburg and the Shade, again meeting eyes with the young swimming girl before she leaves Eilísh's sight.

Our Heroes arrive at the ball and are announced by the herald: "Lorenz Volkers Hölzenschilde The Baron of Drachenheim, Lady Lucia de Rodrigo, and Lady Eilísh MhicCuirc!"  They are met by Wilma Proust the city administrator and see a room FULL of interesting characters; all the movers & shakers of Freiburg:

  • Cezary Yevgienie: Cezary has confided in Lucia that he is a Losejas; a Sarmatin Sorcerer who unwillingly has been tethered to a personal demon that grants him supernatural abilities through bargains they make with each other.  Cezary's new play has come from a brilliance granted to him by his deman, or Dievas.  However, his Dievas has plans to sabotage the opening night, voiding their bargain and giving the Demon great power over Cezary.  Lucia has come up with a plan to ingratiate the Heroes into the play and foil the dastardly plans mid-performance!
  • Dietrich Proust: Lucia flirted her way into possibly having Dietrich forge a long dagger for her, which technically would not be breaking his agreement with the Order since it isn’t a sword.
  • Kelby Loring: Eilísh was able to glean that Loring has, on occasion, ventured out into the streets of Freiburg when not on watch and doled out his own brand of severe justice to any law-breakers he has come across.
  • Logan Gottschalk Sieger
  • Redmund Erhart: He introduced himself to Lorenz at the ball and confirmed his sleazy reputation.  He seemed to be very knowledgeable about the Heroes' goings-on since arriving in the city.
  • Tibold Dedrick: Tibold appeared to be the life of the party at the Freiburg ball, entertaining many nobles with tales of his travels and adventures to exotic parts of the world.
  • Vasya Wilhelm: Vasya is one of the good apples in the bad batch that is the Freiburg Guard. With corruption and general malaise running rampant, he does what he can to keep law & order. Despite that he is committed to upholding honest justice in any way possible.  Eilísh has an open invitation to come and advise Vasya’s guard in the training yards.
  • Wencill Von Brahms: Lucia and Wencill seemed to hit it off at the ball, much to Lorenz’s dismay. There was ample flirting and dancing done.


During the night while Lorenz was trying his damndest to be anti-social, he caught a shadowy figure down a deserted hallway.  Upon investigation the completely soused individual turned out to be none other than Eisenfürst Nicklaus Trägue!  Trägue was thoroughly trashed, but seemed relatively coherent and engaged Lorenz in a philosophical discussion debating the vagueries of man's nature and tendency to want to be goverend.  In the end, Trägue came to some internal judgement of Lorenz, though what that judgment was is not quite clear.  Lorenz probably also came to some new conclusion about his Eisenfürst.

At the end of the night the Heroes consider the ball a success considering the wealth of new information and contacts they have access to now (even though Lorenz and Eilísh didn't get to fight anyone).

1684, Secundus 9, Amordi

The next morning, Lucia convinces Eilísh and (finally at great length) Lorenz of her plan to help Cezary battle his Dievas.  With Lorenz thoroughly exhausted and beaten, his face swimming in his oatmeal, he decides to take another look for the elusive Osk and visits the Vesten bar The Drachen Wing.  His longshot pays off and her spots her, though she also spots him and immediately runs off.  After a harrowing chase through the city he catches her and is able to convince her he has no designs upon revenge. They are currently heading back to the Manor so Lorenz can… “debrief” Osk on her situation.



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