Armin Fauser

Butler extraordinaire for Drachemheim Manor


Armin grew up in an orphanage and learned the servant’s trade as an alternative to crime or back-breaking work in the mines. He showed a knack for it and eventually attained a respected position with the declining Drachenheim family. He served as head butler when Lord Jeremy Drachenheim died, and has cared for the mansion ever since.

Armin is an elderly but well-preserved sixty-five year old man and dresses immaculately in black servant’s clothes. As a butler, he has few peers; he learns his masters’ habits quickly and adjusts his schedule to accommodate their every whim. He manages to keep the house in order by himself, although his age has slowed him down a little. The manor means everything to him, and he devotes himself to its upkeep with every fiber of his being. That loyalty can easily transfer to his new masters if they prove themselves worthy.

UPDATE: Recently Armin has become excited at the prospect of this new Baron and his lady friends restoring the Drachenheim name to its former glory. He has rested all his hopes, and his life, on the line by signing his own name to the debts owed by the previous Drachenheims that Lorenz is now responsible for. If the Heroes are unable to repay these debts in a timely manner, Armin will share their fate of imprisonment or worse.

Armin Fauser

The Baron Drachenheim and His *DELETED* Ladies. J_Nolds