Dietrich Proust

Master Blacksmith of the Rose & Cross


Dietrich is a large man of about thlrty-five, with prematurely silver hair and a sharp gaze. His corded arms bulge with muscles and soot cakes the insides of his fingernails. He wears his tabard at all times, save when working in the smithy, and it’s usually the only clean article of clothing on him. Life in the Order has taught him tact and civility, and he hides his rough blacksmith’s upbringing quite well.


Dietrich has an agreement with the Knighthood. He is their exclusive supplier of swords and in return he was given honorary membership into the Order.

Update: Lucia flirted her way into possibly having Dietrich forge a long dagger for her, which technically would not be breaking his agreement with the Order since it isn’t a sword.

Dietrich Proust

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