Kelby Loring

Wachhunde leader and silent asshole


Loring is a powerful and silent man, with little tolerance for bullies. He has close-cropped hair, a very short beard, and a vicious scar on his cheek. Though attractive, he has a deadly and serious look about him. He carries no weapons, preferring his twin panzerhands, and wears the slashed clothing of a mercenary.


As Captain of the Wachhunde, Loring is personally responsible for Eisenfürst Trägue and anyone residing or visiting the Wachtturm. He is extremely gruff, never starting a conversation and rarely responding with more then a grunt or a word or two.

UPDATE: During the Freiburg ball Eilísh was able to glean that Loring has, on occasion, ventured out into the streets of Freiburg when not on watch and doled out his own brand of severe justice to any law-breakers he has come across.

Kelby Loring

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