Nicklaus Trägue

Completely sauced Eisenfürst


Even before he became an Eisenfürst, Nicklaus Trägue gave up on many things – Theus, science, perhaps even his fellow man. He now spends his time talking with his scribe. Logan Sieger, and shaping his increasingly bleak thoughts into a philosophical treatise. From when he rises in the morning to when he collapses late a tnight, he always has a bottle in his hand to help quell the sense that the universe has betrayed him.

Trägue primarily leaves the operation of Freiburg to his administrative assistant, Wilma Probst. She handles things admirably, but with the restraints he placed on her power, she often has to go behind his back in order to perform necessary tasks. After all, he has set up Freiburg as an experiment to see what men will do when laws and rulers are taken away from them. Knowing that his trusted assistant is meddling with that would enrage him – at least until he realized that she was part of the experiment, too.

Nicklaus Trägue

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