Osk Ketildatter

Strange but beautiful Mantovani duelist


Not much is known about this woman yet. Her manner of dress and long golden hair tied into one single braid identifies her as a Vestenmannavenjar and she wields the sword and whip of a Mantovani duelist.

She seems to have some issue with Lorenz and the fact that he is the new Baron Drachenheim. Lorenz had a brief interaction with her at the Chapterhouse before a distraction allowed her to run away. As far as Lorenz can tell she was living at the Chapterhouse but has not returned yet, possibly she is hiding somewhere else in the city?

UPDATE: Lorenz happened upon Osk in the Vesten bar, the Drachen Wing. After a harrowing chase through the city he catches her and is able to convince her he has no designs upon revenge. They are currently heading back to the Manor so Lorenz can… “debrief” Osk on her situation.

Osk Ketildatter

The Baron Drachenheim and His *DELETED* Ladies. J_Nolds