Monsignor Weissels

Sweaty, twitchy keeper of the Heart of the Drachen


Monsignor Weissels is a severe, thin man who has a staff of four acolytes and twelve servants to assist him. More than one Théan has had his religious belief greatly strengthened by the soul-moving beauty of the The Heart of the Drachen Cathedral. In comparison, the sermons of the priest who speaks here are almost insignificant; Monsignor Weissels’ hysterical messages make him seem like a toad squatting in splendor.

UPDATE: Lucia’s brief stop at the cathedral has given her misgivings about Weissels’ sincerity. He seems to be subtly injecting Inquisition doctrine into his sermons. Weissels has incorrectly assumed Lucia is an Inquisition agent keeping tabs on her. She has asked him to contact the Inquisition for her so she can “meet” with his contacts…

Monsignor Weissels

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