Wencill Von Brahms

Eisenfaust Master & Chapterhouse Council member


Wencill is an aged yet distinguished man of about sixty years. He keeps himself well-groomed and he is still quite fit being a master swordsman.


Master Von Brahms is a Master of the Eisenfaust style of dueling and serves as that school’s Council Member of the Freiburg Chapterhouse. Lorenz has met with him on several occasions and he seems to be willing to help whenever he can, as long as it is something he deems worthy of his attention.

UPDATE: Lucia and Wencill seemed to hit it off at the ball, much to Lorenz’s dismay. There was ample flirting and dancing done. Lucia met him again the next day to take him up on his offer to “tend to her wounds” from the Mad Wolves battle.

Wencill Von Brahms

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