Wilma Probst

City Administrator & de facto ruler


Wilma is a thin woman in her mid-thirties, with piercing blue eyes, a hawklike nose, and thin lips. She has long brown hair which she wears up in a very severe style. While not unattractive, Wilma is relatively plain and does not take the time to doll herself up. She dresses well, but
conservatively, and never varies her wardrobe.


After seeing what she could do, Trägue was more than happy to let her help. He guided her through the creation of the initial administration for his new city, then retired to write his book and turned the governmental operations over to her. She couldn’t have prayed for better.

Wilma truly cares about the people of Freiburg and has established the few public services which the city has to offer. Her job consumes almost every waking moment, since she has no help from Trägue himself.

Wilma Probst

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