City Hall

 The city is truly run from this building. Wilma Probst, Nicklaus Trague’s chosen administrator, keeps things operating as smoothly as possible. This job is made much more difficult by the fact that there are few funds available for the administration of the town. This has led to a system where only those who can afford to pay for public services such as road repairs receive them. Everyone else simply has to make do without.

Oddly enough, the system has been holding together so far, although that’s due more to Wilma’s extraordinary political say than any merit to the system itself. Wilma knows almost everything that goes on in the city, and she doesn’t hesitate to blackmail wealthy merchants if doing so means that a poor neighborhood gets some protection from the street gangs, if only for a week or two.

City Hall itself is composed of several primary sections: a stable, rooms for visiting dignitaries, an audience chamber, and a library. The stable houses the horses that pull the carriages of visiting dignitaries. Wilma prefers simply to ride a horse most of the time rather than incur the expense of a carriage, but dignitaries often mean an influx of money for the city, so they get pampered while they’re in Freiburg.

Part of this royal treatment occurs in the rooms set aside especially for such dignitaries. These chambers are richly furnished, and the lounging noble can have anything delivered to his room he desires, including those things that are illegal almost anywhere else in Théah. food, wine, drugs, or even jennys. Nothing is too good for the wealthy visitor, in the hopes that some of his money will find its way into a public education program, new housing, or even repairs to a dangerously rickety bridge.  This is the price that Wilma pays in order to keep the city running.  The visiting rooms are overseen by Rutger Kippenberg, a skilled, professional butler who was trained in Vendel.

The final important feature of the City Hall is the library.  Every legal document ever written in Freiburg is housed here.  Families can trace their heritage back to when the Stein was a military base, or they can investigate the specifics of a contract signed in 1455.  Those who wish to use the library are charged 1G per day.

City Hall

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