Drachenheim Manor


The Drachenheims were a noble family who served as officers at the Stein for many generations. They were awarded this opulent mansion when the former owner, Lord Stapp, died under mysterious circumstances. The last true Drachenheim died many years ago and the home has bounced from owner to owner ever since. It is an opulent mansion, with numerous finely appointed rooms and a gorgeous view of the nearby Tuttenburg Bridge. Its fine state is mostly due to Armin Fauser, the resident butler who works hard to keep the building in good repair.

The manor is two stories high with twelve bedrooms. It boasts a fine library filled with books on many subjects and a lovely dining room and lounge. The estate also includes two smaller buildings – the servants’ quarters and a lovely greenhouse filed with flowers and plants of all sorts. Near the manor is a small private dock with an elderly fishing boat named The Stolen Kiss tied up to it. In the main hallway is a large tapestry boasting the family coat of arms, a drachen curled around a mountain.  Overall the manor appears very old, but well cared for.  It is clear Armin keeps up daily cleaning and routine maintenance whether or not the Manor is currently lived in.  It is decorated sparsely, and Armin confirms since the Manor’s turbulent ownership of late many of the nicer pieces ended up ‘disappearing’ over the years.  In truth, the Manor is little more than a large empty building that still looks quite nice from the outside.

Receiving Room: This room dedicated to receive guests boasts a very functional bench made of logs with what appears to have been a window drape covering it and a rickety bar stool, both placed in front of the fireplace.

UPGRADE: Lucia graciously spent some of her wealth on 3 very nice purple plush chairs so guests may actually sit down without getting splinters.  These chairs match the rest of the room very nicely, or they would if there was anything else TO match…

Library: While once elegant, this room can barely be used to store books, much less read them.  Most of them are stacked on the ground with pieces of unburned firewood keeping them off the floor.

UPGRADE: A blue reading chair was purchased along with the receiving room chairs by Lucia especially for her and put in this room.

Courtyard: The grounds of the Manor are still fairly well-kept.  The grass is green and maintained.  The southern portion of the yard drops steeply with a rock retaining wall and butts up against the Rothstrom river.  An old rotting dock juts out into the water and tied to it is a fishing boat, desperately clinging to life with the words The Stolen Kiss barely legible on the stern.

UPGRADE: Eilìsh has constructed a rudimentary training yard consisting of timbers to form a few training dummies and a small athletic obstacle course.  It's not pretty, but it'll keep the Heroes fit.

Drachenheim Manor

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