The Baron Drachenheim and His *DELETED* Ladies.

Chapter 4: Lorenz Will NEVER See Osk Again...

Discovering Drachenheim lineage & ending the Mad Wolves

Picking up immediately where Chapter 3 ended.

Thean Calendar     1684, Secundus 7, Soldi

  • After a short while searching the library Lucia finds a book that displays that same seal on the spine.  The book turns out to be a ledger of the Manor’s early finances during its original owner, Lord Walther Jens Stapp.  The ledger itself appears rather mundane, the entries appear to consist of nothing more than the daily expenses of living in a Manor: foodstuffs, maintenance, staff wages, etc…


  •  OPPORTUNITY (Examine the pages & binding of the ledger):  A careful check reveals the ledger was constructed using an outdated form of binding in which every two pages are sewn together.  Delicately pulling the sewing string out from one set of pages reveals an entirely different book hidden inside.  At first glance it seems to be the personal diary of Lord Stapp.


As the heroes carefully dissect the diary and disseminate information, the following passages jump out to them:

The Heroes discovered there is an unknown great and terrible treasure behind the Dracheneisen door.  Something that Stapp believed would tear the already fragile country of Eisen apart.

Lead the heroes to the records office at City Hall, have Armin suggest it if needed.  Once there, they meet Logan Sieger, Trage’s scribe.  Logan is eager to help the heroes, having heard of their exploits against the Mad Wolves.  “Greetings, you… You are Baron Drachenheim and his lovely ladies, are you not?” … … “Ahh, of course how rude of me, encouraging the silly rumors that spread throughout the city.  However, it is true you have gone up against the Mad Wolves on several occasions, yes?  It seems you are fast becoming folk heroes in the Shade.  What brings you to the Records Office?”  Logan is quick to take the heroes to the section of the office where they can find documents on the Stapp family lineage.

The GM and the campaign book both obliviously overlooked the fact that the players were given a clue that lead them right to the last document, bypassing the trail of clues left at the records office.

Simultaneously Lucia heads to the Cathedral to speak with Monsignor Weissels about the location of one of the keys.  She finds the Monsignor speaking to a few familiar faces: Father Weissels seems to be counseling a few lost souls.  He is pacing back and forth, speaking in tones that are little more than indiscernible sounds this far away.  Sitting and apparently listening intently are Freidrich the boxer, the Mad Wolf you let live and sentenced to religious penance, and a familiar woman with long golden hair tied back into a single braid.

Father Weissels will assume Lucia is an Inquisition agent come to keep tabs on him and his “re-education” of Frieburg citizenry.  If not corrected Monsignor Weissels will speak freely about the following subjects:

  • He knows the Inquisition is operating in Frieburg to undermine the Vaticine Church, but not specific names or locations.
  • He was approached by the Inquisition about 3 months ago and coerced into subtly introducing Inq. doctrine into his sermons.  He complies for fear of his Church and his charges.  Weissels is a weak man but he does not want to see his acolytes or the good people of Frieburg hurt.
  • The Monsignor does have a way of potentially contacting the Inq. and getting someone to come to him, however he is much too cowardly to do that without a LOT of encouragement.

Lucia is able to roll with the Monsignor's assumption and convince him to contact the Inquisition.  He says he will do so, however they will arrive on their own time and he can't say when exactly that will be.  The best Lucia can do is have one of his acolytes run to the Manor and warn Lucia as soon as they show up.

Lucia also inquires about entrance to the crypt (although she does not mention WHY she wants entrance) and Weissels gets very nervous, saying the crypt door is thrice-locked and there are beasts inhabiting the lower levels of the Cathedral.  He forbids Lucia from entering for fear of releasing them, and the two have a discussion on how many locks are enough to secure the door…

Once the Heroes regroup at the Manor, they attempt to decide on their next course of action.  They are eager to retrieve the key from Leopold's estate, however with the Mad Wolves still on the hunt, they are nervous leaving the Manor and Armin unguarded for several days.  Lorenz tries to hire some duelists from the Chapterhouse to watch over his house, but they apparently don't operate that way.

Fed up with the Mad Wolves constant interference in the Heroes' plans, they decide to just end it once and for all.  Under the cover of night they descend upon the Abandoned Carriage House in the Green, being used as the base of operations for the Wolves.  Overhearing a power struggle inside, Lucia, Lorenz, and Eilísh surround the building and cover all three entrances.  They take the gang by surprise and during a short and unproductive dialogue between Lorenz and their leader, Felix du Paix, Lucia is able to convince some of the gang to retreat and try to live better lives.  The ensuing battle is brutal on both sides, with Lucia almost succumbing to her Wounds but in the end Felix is defeated and the two leiutenants our Heroes had met previously, Axel and Wilhelm, are allowed to live and escape to one of Lucia's church safehouses in a nearby village.

The next morning the town finds Felix strung up, hanging from the prominent Tuttenberg Bridge with the message "Bad Wolfie".  The Heroes are quickly becoming known as "The Shade's Salvation".


That is a bullshit chapter title.


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