The Baron Drachenheim and His *DELETED* Ladies.

Chapter 7: Fleischwulf May Be Friendly, but he DOES Still Steal Souls You Know...

Acquisition of the second key.

Thean Calendar       1684, Secundus 10, Terdi


  • Got back to manor; saw note from Lord E. & Lorenz's sister's locket
  • Slept through the morning; Lucia recovered faster w/ magic bread candle
  • Planned reclamation of the Shade & prepped for expedition to Habermann estate

1684, Secundus 11, Guerdi

  • Travelled 2 days to Heilgrund königreich

1684, Secundus 13, Voltadi

  • Stopped in shantytown​​​​​​​ & chatted with bartender about curses, Eisen, etc…
  • Slept in hayloft

​​​​​​​1684, Secundus 14, Soldi

  • ​​​​​​​Searched Habermann estate
  • Fought kobolds
  • Confronted Fleischwulf
  • converted kobolds
  • hired Hans the farmer
  • 2 days travel back to Freiburg

1684, Secundus 16, Amordi

  • Talked to concerned citizens; arranged meeting for tomorrow night with neighborhood heads



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