Cezary Yevgienie

Up-and-coming Sarmatian playwright


A Sarmatian gentleman in his late 20’s, Cezary comes off as a jovial, care-free individual. He is a celebrity playwright known in the Sarmatian Commonwealth and is quickly gaining notoriety throughout Theah at large for his extremely popular play depicting the events surrounding Mattias Lieber and the birth of Objectionism. He has been showcasing his play throughout Theah and is currently putting on the production at the Boneyard Theatre. He is happy to provide tickets to the Heroes due to the reputation they made for themselves in the very short amount of time in the city. There are rumors abound about Cezary’s next work; if he is able to produce another masterpiece he will be considered one of the youngest and most talented playwrights in history.

UPDATE: After meeting again at a Freiburg ball, Cezary has confided in Lucia that he is a Losejas; a Sarmatin Sorcerer who unwillingly has been tethered to a personal demon that grants him supernatural abilities through bargains they make with each other. Cezary’s new play has come from a brilliance granted to him by his deman, or Dievas. However, his Dievas has plans to sabotage the opening night, voiding their bargain and giving the Demon great power over Cezary. Lucia has come up with a plan to ingratiate the Heroes into the play and foil the dastardly plans mid-performance!

Cezary Yevgienie

The Baron Drachenheim and His *DELETED* Ladies. J_Nolds