Quest Log

Hard Point 1: In The Beginning (COMPLETED)

  • The Heroes arrived in Freiburg, Lorenz assumed the mantle of Baron Drachenheim, and they discovered all was not well in the Shade with the Mad Wolves harassing its citizens.

Hard Point 2: The Iron Door (COMPLETED)

  • The Heroes discovered the Baron's massive debt, but also a potential way to alieve said debt in the form of a strange Dracheneisen door and a terrible but lucrative secret behind it.  Now to open it…

Soft Point 1: Wolves and their Masters (COMPLETED)

  • With the Mad Wolves all but eradicated in the city, our Heroes are increasingly becoming the known as the Shade's Salvation.  But with their leader, Felix du Paix, dead, their true benefactor and the one responsible for sending them after our Heroes remains a mystery…

Soft Point 2: Invitation to Dance (COMPLETED)

  • Our Heroes attended the ball and met many new faces.  Lucia danced the night away, Eilísh drank the night away, and Lorenz… stood in the cornere being anti-social.  However he was able to meet the illusive Eisenfürst Trägue and they sized each other up.  I don't think either one much liked what they saw…

Soft Point 7: The Nightbringer & Me (COMPLETED)

  • Lucia did good by the Invisible College, recovering Bottenfeld's illumination device and all his research notes.  Lorenz was also able to gain some reputation with Die Kreutzritter by reporting the death of the Nightbringer, it won't be terrorizing Eisen any longer.

Soft Point 9: The First Key (IN PROGRESS)

  • Lord Walther Jens Stapp's diary mentioned two keys needed to open the Dracheneisen door.  One seems to have been buried with Stapp's good friend and Freiburg's Vaticine representative of the time, Father Herrbruck.  Lucia was able to glean the father is currently entombed in the crypts beneath The Heart of the Drachen Cathedral, but there couldn't be anything dangerous down there, right?

Soft Point 10: The Second Key (IN PROGRESS)

  • The second key was given to Stapp's cousin Leopold.  Lorenz and Eilísh traced Stapp's family records at City Hall and found Leopold is buried at the Habermann estate.  Their castle fell into ruin long before Leopold became the Patriarch, and his grave can be found among the dilapidated cottages built amongst it ruins, marked with a pair of carpenter's shears.

Soft Point A: Oskar Dag's Dilemma (IN PROGRESS)

  • One of the Baron's neighbors, Oskar Dags, is a Vestenmannavenjar sculptor practicing their native Sorcery of Runecasteing.  Apparently doing this outside of their home country is a taboo worthy of death threats and public humiliation by some of the other Vesten in Freiburg.  Oskar does not know what the Heroes can do about it, if anything, but he made mention that some Vesten in the city like to frequent The Drachen Wing.

Soft Point B: The Boneyard Theatre Jaunt (IN PROGRESS)

  • The Baron's other next door neighbor is a jovial fellow by the name of Cezary Yevgienie.  An up and coming playwright, he is taking his first play on tour through Théah.  He invited the Heroes to come and see it for free one night at the Boneyard Theatre in town.

Soft Point C: Eilísh's Sidhe Bargain (IN PROGRESS)

  • When our Heroes were trapped on the Inquisition island prison, Eilísh made a deal with a Sidhe she summoned.  In exchange for valuable information that helped the Heroes to escape their imprisonment, Eilísh offered her unconditional support in aiding another Sidhe they would soon meet in their near future…

Quest Log

The Baron Drachenheim and His *DELETED* Ladies. J_Nolds